Candidate assists community projects

To the editor,

My name is Lucas Brown. I’m currently a senior at the University of Southern Maine, studying business entrepreneurship. I would like to extent my support for Margaret Brownlee to hold a position on city council.

The first time I saw Margaret speak was during a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion seminar last year. It was during the training for my fifth summer as a rec camp counselor for the city of South Portland. Out of all of training over the years, hers was by far one of the most beneficial to me; not only while with the kids, but in my everyday life, too.

I am also representing District 3 in the ad-hoc city of South Portland skatepark committee. So far we have raised $436,000 for the park and I am so happy that Margaret supports the skatepark. Skateboarding has benefited me (as well as many others) socially, physically and mentally.

I’m glad to support Margaret so she can aid the park and other community projects. I am part of the LGBT community as well, and having Margaret support that puts my trust in her. I could go on and on about Margaret’s great ideas. But, as a full-time student who works
part time, I may not have the time for that (and you probably don’t either). So, I’d like to thank you for your time, and once again endorse Margaret Brownlee for city council.

Lucas Brown

South Portland

Candidate is ‘thoughtful, conscientious’

To the editor,

Mayor Misha Pride is a thoughtful and conscientious member of the city council. He will continue to serve South Portland well when he is reelected as city councilor from District 3.

Misha has been clear about his priorities as he serves our community: addressing climate change; providing and protecting open space; and making housing more affordable. These are critical issues for our city, our state and our nation. We may disagree about the specifics or the best solutions, but we can agree that we want to build a sustainable community for our residents and for those who come after us.

It takes skill, patience and commitment to address difficult issues and forge solutions among competing points of view. Misha has those qualities. As an attorney, he has the skills to analyze different approaches and formulate solutions.

He has demonstrated his ability to listen respectfully to different points of view. His commitment is evident as he serves on the council and various committees, testifies on bills at the Legislature, practices eldercare law, and participates on community boards and organizations. Misha has earned your vote on Nov. 2.

Natalie West

South Portland

Expected more in response

To the editor,

I recently reached out to South Portland councilors Misha Pride (District 3) and April Caricchio (District 4) regarding the traffic issues on Broadway due to the changes made at Lincoln Street. I received a response from Mr. Pride. Five words, “Thank you for your input.” I was quite honestly looking for a little more than that.

Ever since the city made those changes, traffic has been backed up past Broadway Gardens. It can take 25-30 minutes to get from Westbrook Street to Elm Street. It is less than three miles. In my 35 years of driving through South Portland, I have never seen anything like it.

Additionally, the city installed traffic deterrents in the neighborhoods between Main Street and Lincoln Street, as traffic seriously increased in that area. No doubt, as many folks cut through there now rather than waiting on Broadway. I was really hoping that I would, at the very least, receive a response stating that they were aware of the issue, and working on ways to alleviate it, but that clearly did not happen.

The city has not reacted to this issue since it began. It’s as though they made their decision, are pleased with it, and the residents are just going to have to deal with it. That does not seem right. Neither does the fact that they are wasting resources in adjacent neighborhoods dealing with a runoff issue created by this one.

I can only imagine what’s in store for us when they start making changes to Cash Corner. I understand that the city is committed to the safety of pedestrians and cyclist, but there has to be a better way to address that, without backing up traffic for miles. It would be nice to know that they are listening.

Bud Munson
South Portland

Candidate works for a healthy environment

To the editor,

We can count on Misha Pride to protect our environment. He has a proven record and should be reelected for city council. Misha has been a devoted member of the council and has been very active on environmental issues and a proponent for affordable housing. He helped create the Clean Air Advisory Commission which studied the problem of pollution and smell from the 120 above ground oil storage tanks embedded in our residential communities.

The board participated in writing a bill to ensure that the oil companies actively test the potentially dangerous fumes that are coming out of these tanks. Misha testified before the State Legislature for LD 163 to make it mandatory for tanks to be continuously monitored or twice yearly tested. I feel that with all the current dangers to our health, it is important that we know that the air we are breathing is healthy for us and our children.

Several schools are located next to these tanks. Misha has worked with our sustainability coordinator to ensure that South Portland is prepared to endure the effects that climate change will have on our community as a coastal city. Not only does he support the Open Space Acquisition Committee, but also One Climate Future which combines the efforts of Portland and South Portland to reduce community emissions 80 percent by 2050.

As for housing, Misha supports South Portland’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity to build houses people can afford to own and not rent. As a member of the Mayor’s Coalition, he exerted pressure, at the state level, for greater revenue sharing for a reduction of the property tax burden on our city’s residents.

I think pollution, climate change and the lack of affordable housing are some of the most immediate issues that we are facing and must be aggressively addressed. I know Misha will continue to take on the challenge to protect the beautiful city that we love and make it available to all who want to live here.

Abby Huntoon
South Portland

Candidate is ‘energetic, compassionate’

To the editor,

I have had the opportunity to know and work with Margaret Brownlee for several years on various campaigns, community initiatives and professional development programs. Margaret is energetic, compassionate, and committed to creating equitable opportunities for her community. Margaret is also dedicated to recognizing what voices are missing from critical conversations and actively works to include them.

Margaret is a fierce advocate for all families and community members as evidenced by her work on the South Portland Human Rights Commission and at the Maine College of Art & Design. Margaret is dedicated to raising her family in a community that will honor and celebrate many diverse community members.

I am very excited for the city of South Portland to have the opportunity to elect Margaret Brownlee to city council, she is the future of South Portland.

April Fournier


Candidate puts ‘compassion into action’

To the editor,

I support Adam Hamilton in his pursuit of the District 3 school board seat for South Portland. Adam will be good for South Portland schools. He cares like no one I have ever known. I, myself, am a lifelong South Portland resident. I have two children, one of which is nonbinary. I feel confident that Adam’s caring nature will benefit all of our community’s children.

There are a few individuals working hard to make Adam look bad, like a bad person. Anyone who knows Adam in real life knows that he will be the first to help a person in need. I speak from experience. He has stopped on the side of the road to help a stranger change a tire, he befriends homeless people on the street and gets them proper shoes, he cares deeply about others and goes out of his way to ease their burdens.

One of the individuals who is working against Adam recently said to me in an email: “I don’t doubt the generousness of Mr. Hamilton toward people in his orbit.” I say to that, thank you, let us put more people in his orbit, as he not only cares, he puts his compassion into action.

Hamilton is a lifelong resident of South Portland, he grew up poor and disadvantaged. He knows first-hand the hard knocks that so many of our children struggle with every day. Adam has not had the same opportunities and nurturing influences in his life that so many of us take for granted. What he had instead was great adversity, that nurtured in him a fierce protectiveness for his family, loved ones, the vulnerable, and those in need. Adam has overcome much to become a man that I would gladly trust with making important decisions for our children and their schools.

Please consider Adam Hamilton for South Portland school board. Take the time to learn the real Adam, you will be glad to know him.

Gretchen Stone

South Portland

Support for two candidates

To the editor,

Misha Pride is the right choice for city council. He understands how important it is to have a city that is sustainably minded, supports diversity and fosters a sense of community between city government and residents, and among all who live in South Portland.

He‘s an environmentalist who backs his values with action, actively supporting the One Climate Future Plan, creation of the Clean Air Advisory Commission, Open Space Acquisition Committee and funding of the land bank. He’s testified on behalf of the city to the Maine Legislature in support of the emission bills that improve the safety of the air we breathe

He’s also making housing in South Portland affordable, advocating for affordable housing as a member of the Metro Regional Coalition, supporting greater revenue sharing to reduce the property tax burden on South Portland residents with the Mayors’ Coalition and serving on the board of Greater Portland Family Promise, a nonprofit aimed at homelessness prevention.

Mayor Pride brings thoughtfulness and compassion to his service on the city council. Re-elect Misha Pride for city council.

Please support Margaret Brownlee for South Portland City Council. Margaret grew up in Maine, just across the bridge in Portland, and has all the qualities that make Mainers who we are as a community and state – kindness, respect for others, hard work and determination.

She’s used these qualities to benefit South Portland through her work to establish and serve on the South Portland Human Rights Commission, advocacy for diversity and inclusion, and her support for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Mainers. I enthusiastically support her for city council. Vote for Margaret.

Anne Carney

Cape Elizabeth

Candidate serves with ‘compassion, integrity’

To the editor,

I enthusiastically support Misha Pride in his campaign for re-election to the South Portland City Council. Misha serves our city with compassion and integrity, and recently as Mayor, he leads with the sort of grace and patience that both holds space for our vibrant and active community, and produces real progress.

Misha stands for the things South Portland cares most about: sustainability and confronting climate change; protecting our air and green spaces; lowering property taxes, homelessness prevention, and housing affordability so that our children and grandchildren and those seeking to make South Portland their home are welcome. These are the principles of a forward-thinking leader who listens to and cares deeply about his community.

Misha is the kind of leader we can all be proud of. Please join me in supporting his re-election to South Portland’s city council.

Victoria Morales

South Portland

Candidate has a ‘vision’ for schools

To the editor,

I am writing to express my support for Adam Hamilton for school board.

He has lived in South Portland for most of his life. He volunteers with numerous organizations and works with kids. He is a parent of a South Portland student. He works hard in his business of fire safety systems.

Adam’s first concern is for the children’s education. Right now in Maine, about 50 percent of students who graduate high school and go on to secondary education have to take remedial classes. They have to pay college rates for those classes. Adam has a goal of working to try to help the schools remedy this issue.

He has a vision of South Portland schools being at the top of the ladder here in Maine. Certain politicians in this city are behaving like bullies trying to convince Adam they have the power to decide who gets to run for office and who doesn’t. Even going to the length of sending threatening emails.

Adam isn’t a quitter and because his desire is to see our schools be the best and his goal is not political he is not letting the bullies win.

I urge everyone to vote for Adam for school board.

Kandi-Lee Hoy

South Portland

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