Buried far down in the lead article, “Here’s what you need to know about Question 1,” (Oct. 17) was the question that really matters to me: Will the power line actually bring clean, renewable energy into New England? Incredibly, author Tux Turkel tells us that “… this question can’t be answered with certainty.”  

How is it possible that Hydro-Quebec and CMP, who have spent millions on slick advertising, have not been required to submit clear, scientific evidence on their project’s true impact on global warming, instead of just vague, unsupported claims?  

Hydro-Quebec has already flooded millions of acres of boreal forest, thus releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, and putting highly poisonous methylmercury into the food chain.  Without more solid research, how do we know that Quebec’s hydro power is part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, when it comes to climate change?  

So I’ve decided.  I’m voting “Yes” on Question 1 to stop this project in its tracks. If further research should show Quebec hydro power to be anywhere near the unmitigated good its proponents claim, there’s plenty of room for them to sell their power within Canada or to energy hungry New York. The planet would still benefit. 

Question 1 is not about short-term economic benefits or protecting brook trout. It’s about what’s good for Maine, and the planet, in the long run.    

Jonathan WrightGray
Old Orchard Beach


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