For months, Tucker Carlson, Trump Republicans and Fox News have promulgated several egregious lies: Trump won the 2020 presidential election, there was verifiable voter fraud, the Jan. 6 insurrection was a tourist event, COVID-19 is a hoax, etc. All absolutely false.Now, Mr. Balentine is putting forth an additional blatant falsehood: “… conservatives say … progressives … have no grounds for their claims that racism is structural … and perpetrated in a calculated manner in both government and the private sector. Conservatives believe individuals are individuals and not part of a victimized class or race …” (“Here’s Something: Rekindle Pilgrims’ pride this Thanksgiving,” Nov. 19).As Carlson’s acolyte, Balentine’s statement is untrue. Why? America does possess a long history replete with “structural” racism, “perpetrated in a calculated manner.” For example, the failure of post-Civil War reconstruction, the forced relocation of 100,000 Native Americans (“Trail of Tears”), the internment of Japanese Americans, the unequal application of the GI Bill, gerrymandering voting districts, etc.Furthermore, “Conservatives believe individuals are individuals and not part of a victimized class or race …” Really? In “The Reckoning,” Dr. Mary Trump writes: “It is a truism that the winners write history,” and because of this, the United States has “developed … two tracks … one … is the genocide of Native Americans and Africans” and “The other is the myth of white supremacy.” Both tracks “run parallel to each other,” with each impacting the other.Balentine/Carlson believe they are the “winners” and, therefore, can “write” their version of history through a white supremacy/racist prism. In their convoluted tale, they will boast that eight of the first 12 U.S. presidents were white slave owners!We rejoice in our good fortune on Thanksgiving, but we must also rededicate ourselves to seeking justice for all Americans. In doing so, we will add a more inclusive chapter to our ongoing history.John M. MishlerHarpswell