The Town of Scarborough is now underway with a formal community-wide survey to seek resident input, its first since 2010. It is open to all residents to share their feedback in an online format, available by going to We encourage you to take 15-20 minutes to answer the questions regarding your satisfaction with and perceived level of importance of various town services, and contribute to valuable insight for town officials and staff.

The initial process of conducting a community survey began in 2020 when the Town Council communications committee prioritized the need and brought it forward to the Town Council. Feedback from community members is largely relied upon to identify areas of focus for Council initiatives and future policy decisions. It was approved by the Town Council in the summer of 2021 and scheduled to be administered in Fall 2021. The communications committee underwent a Request for Proposals and vetting process to choose a vendor to conduct the survey. ETC Institute was chosen and developed a two-phase approach to collecting responses: a statistically valid print survey, mailed to 4,200 randomly selected households, followed by an online-only portion for residents who did not receive a paper version.

The mailing phase of the survey, which began in early November, has been completed. Response exceeded the minimum of 600 completed surveys needed for the results to be statistically valid and representative of varying demographics. With this data, ETC Institute will provide the Town with an analysis that can be evaluated across key demographic variables such as age, gender, income, number of years lived in the Town, geographic characteristics, and others.

The online survey is now open to all Scarborough residents who did not receive the mailing. We encourage you to take 15-20 minutes to share your feedback by going to You will be asked to give a rating on a variety of areas and topics, including the quality of the public library, schools, growth, traffic & transportation, environment, as well as our parks and beaches and more.

Understanding your satisfaction with the topics and Town services is critical to helping us better serve you and will inform us of areas for improvement. We value your opinion and greatly appreciate your willingness to share your feedback for the benefit of our community. Our survey consultant, ETC Institute, will collect and process the anonymous surveys and provide a final report with key findings available on the Town website for all to review. The survey results and analysis will be reported to the Town Council and published online in January 2022. Thank you in advance for contributing feedback that will help us continue to make the Town of Scarborough a vibrant place to live, work, and explore.

To stay connected to updates regarding the community, be sure to sign up for the Town of Scarborough’s twice monthly email newsletter. If you have any questions regarding the survey and process, please contact Assistant Town Manager Liam Gallagher at [email protected] or Town Councilor Ken Johnson (Communications Committee) at [email protected] or Town Councilor Ken Johnson (Communications Committee) at [email protected]

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