Bobby Mills

BIDDEFORD — Incumbent Bobby Mills has announced his bid for re-election as York County treasurer and will be a candidate in the June Democratic primary.

He was first elected to the part-time position in 2018.

In his early years in office, Mills said he discovered lost unclaimed revenue that was owed to the county and continues to search for more such funds.

“I am most proud of the staff at the county and the hard work they’ve been doing especially during the trying times of COVID,” he said in a news release.

Mill said he stays very attuned to the needs of many in York County’s municipalities.

“Our county’s low tax rate and stabilization funds helped much of York County and (are) very appreciated county-wide,” he said.


Mills received a bachelor’s degree from Texas Wesleyan University and a master’s degree from Liberty University. He works for FedEx and is a Biddeford city councilor.

He continues to stay active with his family in various volunteer and sporting events.

Mills lives in Biddeford with his wife, Heather and sons, Trenton, Jayehvon, Andrew, Jordan, Robby, and Cooper.

York County government employs a full-time finance director. A countywide 2018 referendum to abolish the elected York County treasurer’s position and replace it with a treasurer appointed by York County Commissioners was defeated. Voters in all 29 municipalities in York County rejected the referendum 63,100 – 27,136.

Terms of elected office in county government are four years.