Is the town really listening?

To the editor,

I was astonished while reading the recent Councilor Corner update by Town Councilor Ken Johnson regarding the Scarborough Community Survey. The Councilor made no mention of the two issues from the survey that Scarborough residents found most concerning: property taxes and the rapid growth in our town. Instead he mentioned communication, traffic/transportation and capital improvements as issues he felt were important to discuss at the Council’s next goal-setting workshop.

The recent Community survey results have shown, unequivocally, that Scarborough residents’ concerns about growth and property taxes are not merely the concerns of a small, vocal minority – but rather represent those of a cross-community, town-wide sampling of residents.

It is disappointing that Councilor Johnson chose to ignore the issues of most concern in his update. It would have been a good opportunity to let residents know that he and the Town Council hear their concerns about taxes and growth loud and clear. This doesn’t give me much hope that any of the concerns identified in the survey by Scarborough residents will be seriously addressed.

Brian Kanode

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