With the news that a vacancy will soon occur on the Supreme Court, the only information shared by the White House on a potential replacement is that this person will be a Black woman. This sounds eerily similar to the decision the president made for his vice-presidential pick. To decide, in advance, that such an important position will be filled by someone of a specific gender and race smacks of affirmative action.

When asked during his campaign, President Biden stated he would choose a Black woman for the Supreme Court to make sure they would be represented. This insinuates that the existing justices only care about their own race or gender, which I find hugely insulting. One would think the president would want the most qualified person to sit on the Supreme Court, but sadly he is bending to political pressure to appease the left of his party and win over minority voters.

For those of you who condemn President Donald Trump’s court picks, at least he chose them based on an ideology. Agree or disagree with that ideology, they at least stand for something tangible and were not chosen based on race or gender.

Ironically, one of the major issues facing the court in the next session is affirmative action in college admissions. How will this justice rule when she was chosen for that very reason?

Steven Edmondson

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