Good Samaritans still exist

To the editor,

Late afternoon on February 4, 2022, near the end of a day of snow, sleet, and ice, I ventured out for a short drive, only to find myself stuck in the snow trying to turn into a driveway on Payne Road in Scarborough (near the Haigis Parkway intersection). Within moments after I started fruitlessly trying to get myself out, one man pulled over and offered assistance. His offer was quickly followed by men in two other cars (one with his middle-school aged son in tow). Together, the three of them helped me dig down to the pavement and then gave a mighty push to get me back on the road. At one point, I offered to call AAA, but they declined the offer. One gentleman even offered to go to his workplace down the street and find a shovel. Note that my car did not even have Maine plates, so these strangers stopped without regard for whether I was a friend, local resident, etc. I did not get any of their names, but I gave them a shout as I left that they were “my angels” and that I could not thank them enough. Please share this story in the hopes that it helps us all believe that the kindness of strangers is still alive and well (at least in this corner of Maine).

Carol Gustavson
Scarborough (license plate GUSBUS)