Online backlash spurred the Portland Police Department to delete a Facebook post about so-called “ghost guns,” after some commenters felt the department went too far in condemning the self-assembled firearms, which are legal to own in Maine.

The department’s post discussed a Feb. 15 traffic stop in which a man dropped a homemade gun equipped with a suppressor, the Bangor Daily News reported Monday.

Homemade “ghost guns” lack serial numbers used to trace them and are often purchased without background checks. The Portland Police Department said the gun had been put together with parts from Polymer80, a Nevada-based company.

The department’s post was up for about an hour, eliciting comments that it lacked context and could be misinterpreted as disparaging legal homemade gun ownership, the newspaper said.

Portland police spokesperson David Singer said the man involved in the Feb. 15 incident has not been arrested.

Polymer80 have not responded to requests for comment, the newspaper said.

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