Overflowing trash bins at Scarborough beaches, Town of Scarborough.

SCARBOROUGH — Overflowing trash barrels is a problem on Scarborough beaches.

Copious amounts of household trash bags are being disposed of in the beach trash barrels, town officials said.

Household trash bags should be disposed of in town provided trash bins, they said.

Due to the amount of full trash bags this has reduced the capacity for typical beach visitors trash and pet waste bags.  

Beach trash barrels are only serviced twice a week in the winter months. With the overflowing amount of trash, it has caused several challenges for staff as well as nearby residents and visitors that must see and deal with the mess until it is picked up again, town officials said.  

The town is asking residents and visitors to Scarborough beaches to refrain from using the barrels as a household trash bin and to dispose of  their trash with the town provided household trash bins. If the beach bins are full, people need to take pet waste and other trash with them or find an empty trash bin that isn’t full, officials said.  

“If we all do our part, everyone can enjoy the incredible coastline we are so lucky to call home,” town officials said.

Every piece of trash picked up is one less dangerous item for birds, turtles or whales to swallow, officials said. Cleaning up the beaches will also restore sea animals habitats, they said, and urged people who find someone else’s trash on the beach to be kind and pick it up.

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