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SCARBOROUGH — Retired Scarborough Police Sergeant Mike Barker passed away on March 5.  

Barker began working for the Scarborough Police in 1968, under Chief John Flaherty. According to a statement made by the Scarborough Police Department, Barker became the fifth full-time officer to be hired by the department.  

“Mike was hired by Police Chief John Flaherty, who was familiar with Mike’s hard work and dedication,” according to a statment by Scarborough Police Department. “Chief Flaherty offered Mike the job along with a handshake to welcome him to the department.”

As the department began to expand, Barker became responsible for training all new police officers. According to Scarborough Police, Barker would often invite new officers to his home for dinner.  

“He felt instilling family values was important to the growth of each officer,” said the police.

Barker was very involved with department activities and was a key contributor to the growth of the department, the statement said. “He was active within the Scarborough Police Benevolent Association and helped shape the department as it is today with his ability to fairly negotiate contracts.” 


Barker’s hard work, dedication and involvement with department activities helped contribute to the growth of the department. In the initial stages of his career, he worked collaboratively with his father to design the new patch for the Scarborough Police Department. That design is still being used by the police department today.  

In 1971, Barker’s hard work paid off when he earned the rank of sergeant. During this new role, he supervised the department’s other officers. He moved to the Prout’s Neck Division of the Scarborough Police Department in 1988, and continued in this role until he retired in 2008.  

The Scarborough Police Department’s 20-year service recognition award is named after Barker due to his exemplary work as a police officer. Barker’s hard work, dedication and involvement with department activities helped contribute to the growth of the Scarborough Police Department.  

During his 40-year career, he dedicated himself not only to the Scarborough Police Department but also to the town of Scarborough where he was born and raised.  

“Mike would often say that one of his proudest work accomplishments was serving with his son, Timothy Barker, who is currently a lieutenant in the department,” said Chief of Police Mark Holmquist.  

A memorial for Sgt. Barker will likely be held at the end of April, according to Holmquist. 

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