After reading “Portland family’s request to change park’s namer raises questions about history” in the March 4 Press Herald, I would like to thank the following.

Thank you to the Noyes family for noticing the apparent discrepancy in the name of Noyes (Bedford) Park recently, and assisting with the historical research into the background of this part of our city’s heritage.

Thank you to the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department, and its head, Ethan Hipple, for understanding that the naming of our public parks is important, and for also assisting with the research. He came to the conclusion that the name “change” is historically correct, and he supported the vote by the City Council in favor of the name change Monday.

Thank you to Councilor April Fournier for asking that the research include the role of Indigenous people on this land. She, too, recommended that the council vote for this name correction.

Thank you to Herb Adams, local historian, who assisted in this research and also recommended that the council approve this name correction.

And, lastly, thanks also to George Rheault, a local resident, who encouraged the city to address major issues, “including our homeless crisis,” he told The Forecaster for a March 1 story. Now that this simple name change vote has moved forward with a majority of our councilors voting to correct history, they can move on to more pressing problems!

I’m glad our city councilors approved this name change.

Timmi Sellers
Peaks Island

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