When The Rule Of Lies replaces The Rule Of Law

Today in Russia, we see what happens when a country is governed by The Rule Of Lies instead of The Rule Of Law. Most Russians don’t know that their dictator, Putin, has invaded Ukraine. They think it is a limited military operation that is rooting out Nazis and killers of Russian-speaking people. Russian citizens are a captive audience and are only told what Putin wants them to hear. By governing with The Rule Of Lies, Putin is free to do whatever he wants without consequences. He can murder opponents and invade countries. All of which he has done in the past.

Putin’s admirer, Donald Trump, also tried to govern by The Rule Of Lies. This resulted in Trump’s troopers attacking the Capitol, with the hope of crowning Trump king/president — dictator. This attempt to overthrow our democracy failed because there were enough honorable patriots in office to stop it, but what happens next time?

The Republican Party has wholeheartedly embraced The Rule Of Lies. They call the January 6 insurrection nothing more than “legitimate political discourse.” That is a statement worthy of Dictator/Murderer Putin. The rioters destroyed property, attacked the police and people died. How can anyone in America support a political party that believes destruction and death have a place in American politics?

Putin’s Rule Of Lies is attempting to destroy a country and murder its people. We know what Trump’s Rule Of Lies has already done. True American patriots need to overflow the poles for the mid-term elections, rejecting Republicans and their Rule Of Lies. If we don’t, we will just become another Russia.

Wayne Mogk,


Support bill assisting victims of PFAS

Their blood tests came back showing levels of PFAS 200 times that of the average American. Should they be concerned? They are not chemical workers, they are farmers. Johanna and Adam, owners and operators of Songbird Farm, discovered their water, soil, produce and their blood tested high in PFAS chemicals. Biosolids (sludge from municipal and industrial waste) were spread on their land about 20 years before they purchased the farm. Tests for their well water came back at 400 times the state recommended limit. Tomatoes and spinach are their most profitable crop and they are contaminated. Their goal as farmers is to produce food that is beneficial to eat and their dreams are shattered. How can they sell food if it is contaminated?

The state promoted and licensed the spreading of sludge for years. Now the state needs to help or these farms will go out of business. After Songbird Farm’s water tests came back the state installed a water system in their house to remove PFAS from the water. That was much appreciated, but there is still PFAS in their soil and bodies. They are not the only farm affected. A bill, LD 2013, would provide assistance by establishing a fund and associated advisory committee for farms and farmers who have PFAS contamination. Contact your state legislators and urge them to support LD 2013. The EPA lists high risk of cancer, thyroid and kidney disease as well as many other concerning issues, especially for children. Their three-year-old lives and breathes the farm as much as they do. His future is at risk.

Jill and Zachary Davis,

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