Interim Superintendent Gretchen McNulty was named the permanent leader of the Falmouth school district following a unanimous School Board vote March 7.


McNulty has served as interim superintendent since July, when Geoff Bruno left to become the superintendent in Scarborough. She was previously the director of learning for Falmouth schools.

McNulty told The Forecaster that responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic “has become part of how we lead” and that Falmouth school leaders will continue to meet with state and local officials, health service team members, board members and teacher leaders to evaluate how to best respond.

“We make the time to do this to ensure we have accurate and updated information, and to discuss and prepare for different ways we might address future challenges,” McNulty said. “Our budget requests this year reflect our desire to listen and respond effectively to mental health and behavior needs for all.  If we have learned anything through the last two years of the pandemic, it’s that we need to be informed, agile and creative.”

The school department also will soon begin developing a master plan on how to best access and use the middle school and high school campus. “Having one campus is such a powerful asset” and the district wants to take full advantage of it, she said.

School Board Chairperson Whitney Bruce said McNulty has proved she is the right person to lead Falmouth schools.

“As a member of our district leadership for the past six years, and as our interim superintendent this year, the board has witnessed her strategic thinking, compassionate leadership, and deep understanding of the people and resources that make Falmouth an outstanding place to teach and learn.”

McNulty said she plans on scheduling “informal gatherings” in the coming weeks so she can get to know families and school staff better and to encourage collaboration on further developing the district’s vision for the future.

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