I was rather interested to peruse Jacob George deLyra’s recent communication (“Forecaster guilty of practicing cancel culture,” April 8). From his utilization of the terms – “cancel culture,” “fake news” and “left-leaning media” – he himself is guilty of perpetuating the same misleading entities which he is against.

Point in question. Mr. deLyra issued a complaint – “I am disturbed to see (The Forecaster is) discontinuing the police beat.” Despite his previous comments concerning cancel culture, fake news and left-leaning media, the American system of jurisprudence rightly embraces the following: You are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, the names of those who are simply arrested, but not yet proven guilty, should remain private, not public. In all fairness to those individuals who are arrested, they too deserve their “day in court” and should not be judged by fake news and/or the media. Is this not true, Mr. deLyra?

John M. MishlerHarpswell