I realize that this may not be the best place to voice these opinions, but my friends are tired of hearing me discuss this and I feel this may be my last resort. Nonetheless, it is necessary to state that Portland is severely lacking in its waffle options.

I have spent the past few months, after a failed attempt at visiting a Waffle House in Florida, attempting to find a local establishment that serves waffles. While the ever-wonderful Hot Suppa does serve a straight-up waffle breakfast, they are the only ones doing so. Sure, chicken and waffles do pop up from time to time, and the much-missed Eaux did serve that, there is no other establishment in Portland that serves the ultimate fluffy dish. “But pancakes are a lovely, sweet breakfast alternative,” you may say. True, pancakes are fantastic, but nothing beats the crispy and fluffy nature that waffles occupy.

All of this is to say that Portland restaurants need to begin carrying waffles. And if cost is a worry, Amazon currently sells the wonderful Black + Decker Waffle Iron for approximately $90. I can promise you that the sales you will make in waffles will pay for the cost of the iron in no time flat.

Yours in waffle waiting,

Charlie Beck

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