The Brick Store Museum holds over 30,000 pieces of archival material written by historic Kennebunkers. This column shares a voice from the past from the museum’s collection. This entry is from Thankful Lasdiel of Arundel, writing to her husband Elison on June 18, 1759. Elison Lasdiel was a soldier at Camp Breton, Nova Scotia, during the French and Indian War in the mid-18th century.

– Cynthia Walker, executive director, Brick Store Museum


Arundel, June 18, 1759


Loving husband,


I offer my love to you hoping these few lines will find you in good health as I am, and mine children at present.

Blessed be God for our children have all had the measles and are well.

I received your letter that was wrote at Fort Sharley. Mother is well, remember her love to you.

Do send me a letter at first opportunity.

So no more at present. I remain your loving wife until death.

Thankful Lasdiel

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