Vote Sartoris for Cumberland County DA

When my husband and I moved to Brunswick 20 years ago I very quickly became interested in becoming involved in local government. As a volunteer in local town committee work I met Jackie Sartoris when she was a Town Councilor. I was immediately impressed with her inclusive community approach to local governing. She welcomed me to Brunswick and encouraged my active participation in local issues.

Over the years our paths have crossed on project work and I have always found her to be very thoughtful, well-researched, and generous in her interactions with other residents — even those with whom she might disagree. I believe that she will take her deep caring for the community into her role as chief prosecutor.

Jackie is definitely qualified to be District Attorney of Cumberland County. She has the legal background as a prosecutor, active environmental advocacy, and has demonstrated support for New Mainers, women’s reproductive rights, and science regarding public health. However, for me, it is partly about qualifications but it is entirely about character. Jackie has the character and humanity to lead our legal system.

I will vote for Jackie Sartoris on June 14. I hope that you will too.

Sande Updegraph
Brunswick Town Councilor, District 4


Republican control of Congress may threaten voting rights

In November, voters must decide to either cast their ballots for congressional candidates who view fidelity to the rule of law as sacrosanct, or for those who consider the oath to “protect and defend the Constitution” as a hollow pledge. The outcome, likely to determine whether or not our constitutional republic survives, brings to mind John Adams’ assertion: “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.” If, as Adams suggested, our form of government is on a path toward suicide, then we must look to the electorate for intervention.

Should Republicans regain control of Congress, the autocratic-leaning movement within the party will probably spearhead further attempts to silence the opposition by advancing its assault on the cornerstone of democracy — voting. If we are to prove Adams wrong, the electorate must once again rise to the occasion, as it did in the 2020 presidential election when it ousted a sitting president, Donald Trump, for undermining democratic governance.

Jim Paladino,

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