Elect Caterina to HD 126

To the editor,

We are writing in support of Jean-Marie Caterina for House District #126. Jean-Marie has lived in Scarborough for over 34 years and has admirably represented the citizens of Scarborough in a number of ways. Jean-Marie has served on the Town Council for nine years making significant contributions through her common sense solutions and leadership. She has the political skills to get things done for constituents while rising above the partisan battles that occur. Jean-Marie has been a leading voice on the Council to enact tax breaks for low-income seniors to assist them to stay in their homes. She has been a strong supporter of land conservation, expanded recreational areas and environmental protection. Jean-Marie will protect women’s reproductive health rights and fight for accessible and affordable health care coverage for all Maine citizens. We trust Jean-Marie to represent our local interests in Augusta. Please join us in voting for Jean-Marie Caterina on June 14th.


Heather and Neil Jamieson

Support Scarborough Town Center


To the editor,

My partners and I have always been car-enthusiasts, and we have always dreamed about building a strong community that comes together for events and member-driven networking. We are proud to be doing this work in Maine and have been humbled by the support we’ve received to date. But our business would do even better if we were more connected to the Scarborough community at-large, and we know that the creation of a Town Center at The Downs would achieve that. The was a primary driver for our site selection was the Town Center. It will increase visibility for us and improve our ability to attract and retain a quality workforce.

We fully support removing the hurdles for the developers to build the Town Center. Based on our three-year relationship with them, they do what they say they’ll do, and they always deliver. They are working to create a place that everyone will benefit from, including residents, the business community and visitors to Scarborough.

Jamie Nonni
Co-Founder, Throttle Car Club