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Class of 2022

Tyler J. Adams

Miles G. Anderson

Keegan W. Andrews

Jacob W. Baptista

Camden A. Bard


Annika B. Barstow

Hannah C. Beaupre

Cooper M. Belo

Kimberly C. Bennett

Aiden C. Berg MacLeod

Cole C. Binette


Rami L. Bjotvedt

Mallory W. Boarts

Ella M. Boxall

Nellie M. Boyle

Liam C. Breault

Lucien P. Breault


Taylor M. Bruhl

Nora B. Burke

Morgan L. Butler

Konstantinos N. Canniff

Victor J. Cavanaugh

Noah J. E. Champagne


Garrett G. Clukey

Julia R. Cochran

Andrea N. Collin Reigosa

Emily A. Condon

Lola J. Cook

Michael S. Corleto


Riley M. Coron

Riley C. Counts

Virginia H. C. Crimp

Ryan M. Darrah

Serenity M. Davis

Garrett J. Dickinson


Brianna J. DiFrederico

Douglas D. C. Doane

Willa-Maya H. Dowling

Sofie L. Dumas

Sydney S. Dumas

Eliza K. Eon


Sophia G. Esch

Finley G. Fairfield

Brianna C. Flanders

Gabriel A. Flewelling

Samantha R. Fortin

Bradley C. Foster


Arianna J. Fourtzialas-Price

William E. Fox

Bryce G. Gagne

Christian M. Gaudette

Sophia Z. Gironda

Alexa S. Goncalves


Elias A. Grabowski

Arija L. Grant

Ivy J. Hammer-Gumbrell

Elaina G. Hammond

Lily R. Hansen

Bailey M. Hanson


Mary E. H. Hauser

Lily G. Hebert

Caleb M. Hodgkins

Reilly C. Holder

Ava S. Horne

Jay M. Hostetter


Elizabeth P. Howard

Mackenzie A. Howard

Caleb A. Howell

Ian D. Huguley

Lily R. Isaac

Griffin E. Johnson


Jack R. Johnson

Ryan C. Johnson

Ethan M. Kahn

Ty C. Kane

Ethan T. Kasprzak

Connor W. Keefe


Andrew T. Keene

Patrick S. Kellett

Kendall M. Kennedy

Joseph M. Kiezulas

Emily J. Kimball

Shai A. Knight


Jacek W. Kudas, Jr.

Ava M. Kull

Noah F. LaCoursiere

Callie M. LaRose

Isaac J. Leveille

Ian J. MacDonald


Chase R. MacIver

Daniel J. Macolini

Kyle J. Maguire

Owen P. Mahoney

Owen A. Marquez

Lily S. Martin


Eliza K. Mason

Audrey H. McEnaney

Hazel N. McEnaney

Connor P. M. McGarry

Samantha M. McGrath

Charles K. McMahon


Ashley C. Medina-Perez

Alec F. Midgley

Matthew C. Moore

Curtis J. Morgan

Brady F. Morin

Ainsley E. Morrison


Elizabeth S. Morrison

Hannah E. Morrison

Kylie M. Mosser

Robert R. Moxham

Maiea E. Naber

Lucas C. Nadeau


Jake H. Nelson

Margaret J. Nelson

Gabriel A. Novicki

Nika S. S. O’Reilly

Roan T. O’Toole

Andrew B. Palmeri, Jr.


William S. Pargellis

Connor H. Patterson

Kailee M. Peabody

Brandt J. Phelan

Brier D. Phipps

Maddison O. Pike


Noelle G. Plaisted

Rachael E. Plaisted

Marston J. Poore

Lauren J. Poulin

Rowan K. Pow

Grace A. Radel


Camilla E. G. Rawlings

Isabella M. Real

Alexandre A. Reed

*Helena M. Reis

Mae Qi-Morgan Richardson

Elaina M. Rioux


Garrett D. Robinson

Dylan C. Roche

Emily P. Rossics

Nolan P. Roy

Hans B. Ruediger

Simone S. Ruediger


Kate G. Russell

Emilie P. Santerre

Nikolas J. Santoro

Maeve A. Saunders

Emma K. Sayer

Landon T. Schwartzman


Nate D. Seitz

Hannah R. Slone

William J. Smith

William A. Snow, IV

Elized S. Soule

Emalee M. Stackpole


Henry H. Stauss

Cullen P. Stevens

Riley S. Stevens

Molly P. Sweeney

Juliauna J. Tadlock

Adia F. Thomas


Sophie A. Turner

Caroline S. Van Hemel

Yulinka C. Warren

Liam F. Westley

Penelope O. White

Noah H. Williams


Kaia J. Wirth

Peter J. Wirth, Jr.

Sadie A. Yentsch

David A. York

* Foreign Exchange Student

Class of 2022 Awards


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizen Award to Ainsley Morrison

This award is selected by the faculty and senior class and presented to a student who shows leadership, dependability, service, and patriotism in school, home, and community with special emphasis on community service.

Edith C. Barry Art Award to Lily Hansen

This award is presented by the Brick Store Museum to an outstanding art student.

Joyce Butler History Award to Ainsley Morrison

This award is presented by the Brick Store Museum to an outstanding history student.


Maine Principals’ Award to Ainsley Morrison

This award is selected by the Administrative Team of Kennebunk High School and presented to a student who shows academic excellence and citizenship.

National Merit Award Finalist to Sofie Dumas

National Merit Awards are for outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

Teen Trendsetters Excellence in Leadership and Service Award to Hannah Beaupre

Presented to a senior for their continued commitment to serving the nation’s youth through Teen Trendsetters. A program of the Barbara


Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award to Sofie Dumas and Samantha McGrath

This award goes to a senior who exhibits the qualities of scholastic excellence.

U.S. Marine Corps Athletic Excellence Award to and Shai Knight and Elized Soule

This award goes to one female and one male senior athlete who exhibit the qualities of athletic excellence.

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Music Excellence to Virginia Crimp and Curtis Morgan


This award goes to a senior who exhibits the qualities of musical excellence.

Betsy Ross Award to Samantha McGrath

This is awarded to an outstanding female scholar athlete in the senior class.

Daniel “Mac” Bassett Award to Kate Russell and Ryan Johnson

This award goes to senior soccer and/or ice hockey athletes who are not always recognized and exhibit through example the characteristics of a team player.

Jake Jackson Award to David York


This is awarded to the outstanding male athlete in the senior class.

Jayme Novotny Scholar Athlete Award to Rowan Pow This award is presented to an outstanding scholar athlete in the senior class. John Babine Award to Connor Keefe

This is awarded to the outstanding male scholar athlete in the senior class.

Joseph Rafferty Scholar Athlete Award to Sophie Turner and Landon Schwartzman

This award is presented to a senior female and male who have maintained strong academics while excelling on an athletic team.

Mary Tanner Award to Taylor Bruhl


This is awarded to the outstanding cheerleader or majorette in the senior class.

Terry Drown Award to Alexandre Reed

This award goes to a male senior who has contributed to a sport for at least 3 years and exhibits the characteristics of leadership, academic promise, and dedication. Terry competed in football, basketball and track.

Bill Obermeyer Award

Presented by the coaches to those special athletes who do not always get recognized but are ever so important to the success of our teams to:

Hannah Beaupre, Cooper Belo, Cole Binette, Willa-Maya Dowling, William Fox, Arija Grant, Ivy Hammer-Gumbrell, Lily Hansen, Griffin Johnson, Ethan Kasprzak, Andrew Keene, Joseph Kiezulas, Connor McGarry, Brady Morin, Ainsley Morrison, Hannah Morrison, Lucas Nadeau, Maddison Pike, Adia Thomas, Sadie Yentsch.

Amos McCallum Award to Brian Dill and Tami York

Presented once a year by the coaches to an organization or individual(s) for outstanding contributions to the athletic departmen

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