The mass shooting in Highland Park, Chicago, last July 4 illustrates all too clearly why “a good guy with a gun” will never work against the likes of Robert Crimo III, the shooter who online had stated “I need to just do it. It is my destiny.” His planning, legally bought weapon of choice and perch atop a building meant that before any good guy might have realized what was happening, Crimo had already unleashed dozens of bullets, and dozens more before the good guy has any idea where the shots are coming from. By then, the physical carnage has been done, and our collective psyche ripped open yet again.

How many more misfits and copycats have legally purchased these weapons of war and are planning to realize their own “destiny” and delusions of fame? Which of our cities, towns, schools, concerts and theaters are next?

In the face of this clear and growing danger, Congress needs to permanently reinstate – and strengthen – the federal ban on assault weapons which expired in 2004. We’re talking all semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines here. In addition, we need a compelling buy-back program to help eradicate this uniquely American plague. (And rather than melting the guns down, how about a generous donation to a country in real need, like Ukraine.)

Jeff Goddard

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