I write in support of the Aug. 5 Press Herald editorial, “Our View: Amazon warehouse would be no prize” (Page A4). I support the Press Herald’s position for a different reason.

I recently learned that Amazon is one of seven major corporations that, in spite of avowed support for women’s rights, has contributed significant sums over the past six to seven years to Republican organizations that fund anti-abortion U.S. senators, governors and state legislators. The source of this comes from research done by Popular Information, an independent American online newsletter, and is referenced by Karen DeWitt, in “What Corporations Do, Not What They Say,” Ms. Magazine, Summer 2022, pp. 23-25.

As DeWitt’s article shows, big business likes to say that it is pro-women, but its political contributions prove otherwise. Maine residents may be appalled to learn that Amazon’s profits are used to support eliminating women’s reproductive choice. Until Amazon stops its financial contributions to extremist anti-abortion Republican legislators, our state should not welcome them as an employer. Let’s welcome businesses that have labor practices and values that are more compatible with those of our state.

DeWitt’s article warns us history shows that in a volatile political environment, doing business with extremist politicians can lead to horrible consequences. In 1933, German corporate money proved decisive for the Nazi Party, which had been on the verge of bankruptcy until Adolf Hitler met with two dozen industrialists and gained their backing.

We should call Amazon to account for their lack of commitment to women’s rights, as well as for their questionable employment practices.

Lucinda E. White

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