Fundraising efforts have been completed for the South Portland Skateboard Park. Courtesy image/City of South Portland

SOUTH PORTLAND — The city of South Portland has announced that the fundraising efforts have been completed for the skatepark project. The committee raised $140,000.

According to Deputy Director Anthony Johnson, much of the committee’s fundraising has been done through events and partnering with local businesses.

“The drive to bring a skatepark to South Portland began in 2017 when Mahoney middle schooler and scooter enthusiast Emmons Whited, then 12, decided he was tired of having to beg his parents to help he and his friends to the Portland or Bath skatepark, ” said Johnson.

“Whited wrote to the city council suggesting construction of a local skatepark, and upon receipt of general encouragement, launched a petition drive, submitting 577 signatures on March 28, 2017, to demonstrate wide support for his idea.

“Without having a location designated for a site, the topic failed to gain momentum with city council. The topic was revisited in spring of 2018 when Emmons asked for an update on his request.  At that point city council decided to have an ad-hoc skatepark committee formed to research the possibility of bringing a park to South Portland. This committee was tasked with finding a location, creating a design and figuring out how to fund the project. In August 2018, the committee was formed and began their work.”

The 10,000-square-foot skate park, planned for a site between the South Portland Community Center and the high school, has been in the works for five years. The park will be located at 230 Evan St., South Portland, also known as High School Park.


“The park will include quarter pipes 3 and 4 feet tall,  stairs with two handrails and one hubba ledge, manual pad, flat bar, step up, and a pool/bowl,” said Johnson. “It will have areas for all ages and skill levels to use.”

Bid for construction has been awarded to the American Ramp Company. Pillar Designs Studios, a skatepark designer, has been hired as the construction administrator to oversee the project.

A few of the sponsors for the project include; Annenberg Foundation, The Libra Foundation, Saco & Biddeford Savings, Jeff Woodbury, Bangor Savings Bank, and Town & Country Federal Credit Union.

The city has contributed $250,000 to the project and has included another $85,000 in the proposed city budget for fiscal year 2023. Much of the committee’s fundraising has been done through events and partnering with local businesses.

Construction is set to begin late summer or early fall of this year. For more information regarding the skatepark project, ccontact Anthony Johnson at 767-7650, ext. 7512 or

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