Last week, we announced the launch of our Electrify Everything! program. This city sponsored program provides rebates on electric vehicles, electric lawncare equipment, e-bikes, heating and cooling systems, and home weatherization. Through Electrify Everything!, you can get up to $2,000 per household on top of Efficiency Maine and other rebates.

This week, we’re breaking down how the program works, how to find out if you’re eligible, and how to apply.

How to know if you qualify?

Currently, Electrify Everything! provides rebates for South Portland residents with household income up to 100 percent of the area median income. Check the household income table to see if you qualify:

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If you qualify, follow the steps on to apply for our current rebates.

If not, there are plenty of ways to save money and electrify. Visit for resources on beneficial electrification and rebate offers.


What are the current rebates?

The list that follows outlines the current Electrify Everything! rebates qualified residents can get in addition to Efficiency Maine rebates. To receive these rebates, you must provide the city with proof of your Efficiency Maine rebate.

Equipment/service Electrify Everything! rebate

Air source heat pump: (Tier 2) $1,200

Hot water heat pump: $400

Air sealing with energy assessment: $100


Insulation 20 percent of project cost: up to $2,000

New battery electric vehicle (BEV): * $2,000

New plug-in Electric hybrid vehicle (PEHV): * $2,000

*Opportunity for renters

The following list outlines the additional Electrify Everything! rebates. To receive these rebates, you must provide the city with receipt proof of purchase.

Equipment Electrify Everything! rebate


Electric bike (E-Bike): * $300

E-cargo bike: * $500

Electric lawn mower: * $100

Electric leaf blower: * $100

* Opportunity for renters

How to apply


Follow these easy steps to maximize your savings and start electrifying:

1. Check out current rebate options and decide what equipment you want to purchase.

2. Purchase the equipment and apply for any Efficiency Maine or other rebates (make sure to save all receipts).

3. Fill out the Electrify Everything! application online at or in person at 829 Sawyer Ave. (formerly 496 Ocean St.).

4. Fill out a W-9 online or in-person at 829 Sawyer Ave. (formerly 496 Ocean St.).

5. Bring the Electrify Everything! application, W-9, proof of Efficiency Maine rebates, receipts for non-Efficiency Maine rebates, photo ID, and proof of residency (can be photo ID) to 829 Sawyer Ave. (formerly 496 Ocean St.). You can also pick up and fill out these forms in person.


6. After applying for the rebate, you will hear back from the city within two weeks about the status of your rebate.

Questions? Reach out to Julie Rosenbach, South Portland’s sustainability director, at 207-347-4148 or

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Mia Ambroiggio is a Greater Portland Council of Goverments Resilience Corps fellow serving in the Sustainability Office. She can be reached at

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