Don’t use flag to express hate

To the editor,

Lately I have been both surprised and saddened by the increasing use of the American flag to crudely express anger and hatred, whether it be on yard signs, bumper stickers, or flying from the back of a vehicle.

One sunny afternoon this week I went for a neighborhood walk with my grandchildren. On a lovely home there was a large sign which read: “F (American flag) K BIDEN”. The flag was a place holder for the letters U and C.

Language and imagery is powerful. Do we really want to be exposing our children to violent, sexually explicit language in their neighborhoods, at the beach, or on their way to a playground?

I am hoping that we might use our democratic right to free speech in ways that are less hurtful to the youngest among us.


Joanne Hulsey

Support Ingwersen for Senate District 32

To the editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Henry Ingwersen in his bid for State Senate seat for District 32. Here are a few reasons why. Having known Henry over the years I have found him to be forthright, transparent, and honest with his ideas for a brighter future for the communities he serves. He cares deeply about many issues that we face here in Maine, one being the education of our children. As a former educator Henry can identify with the challenges that educators face these days and has time and again stood up and supported efforts to aid in the betterment of education across the state. He has also shown his care for the community environment we live in by working to deal with the PFAS problem that reared its ugly head here in Arundel in 2016. This ties into his involvement in conservation efforts in Arundel and surrounding communities which have helped to create outdoor recreation for everyone. It is for these reasons that I ask you to consider voting for Henry Ingwersen for State Senate.

Jake Hawkins

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