Vote for library expansion bond

To the editor,

It is hard to imagine that the citizens of Scarborough would pass up this opportunity to expand their excellent library and bring it forward into the 21st century, but there have been letters in this column exhorting voters to do just that.

Why wouldn’t we want to have a library that is designed for the 21st century, with adequate space for patrons, staff, and the collection of its physical resources? Diligent work with a library consultant and an architectural firm over a number of years, always with an eye on the bottom line, has resulted in a plan that does just that, at an annual cost of approximately $35 per average household. This is not really an extravagant ask.

The Library freely offers its services to all of us, members and non-members alike, so please, vote YES on November 8th, we owe it to each other.

Lenore Rapkin
Member, Scarborough Library Board of Trustees


To the editor,

Libraries build literate, productive and engaged communities. One Australian study showed they generate $4.30 in benefit for every dollar invested.

Our library is one of the primary providers of literacy programs for children aged 0-3 and their families. It supports digital literacy through training and free access to computers and the internet.
Literacy is a critical factor in economic and social participation, removing barriers to education and employment.

Our library is a vibrant, safe, community space where everyone is welcome. It offers social interaction which supports mental health for all ages by reducing social isolation and connecting people. It offers shelter to those in need during times of extreme climate events.

It helps make Scarborough a healthy and engaged community by providing a state-wide platform of programs and services that support community wellbeing and will anchor and support continued community development.
Please join me in voting yes on Nov. 8.

Chris Caiazzo
State Representative – HD 28 Part of Scarborough


Vote no for library bond

To the editor,

The Scarborough Library probably needs expansion but not the $16 million project on the November ballot.

Scarborough is also planning a Primary School for $136 million and a Pool/Community Center for $35+ million. These will likely contain space to accommodate non-library events currently planned for the proposed expansion.

According to Maine Library data, only 27 percent of Scarborough residents borrow books.

State library data shows Scarborough has the second highest level of taxpayer library support per person in Cumberland and York counties.


Falmouth, in 2020, addressed library needs similar to Scarborough’s at a much lower cost to taxpayers. Falmouth spent $6.6 million.

Expansion proponents projected private donations of $3 million toward the $16 million cost. To date only $500,000 has been raised. The deficit not covered by the proposed bond will fall on the shoulders of the Scarborough taxpayer.

I would support a more modest expansion but will vote no Nov. 8.

Frances Audet

To the editor,

I am voting NO on the library expansion for many reasons.


First, it’s too big! If it passes it will be 900 square feet bigger than town hall which has 3 floors! It’s unreasonable to ask for an addition that is almost 3 times it’s current size! I have lived in Scarborough for 22 years and this project is just too massive and expensive! Why does a library addition have to have a 182-seat auditorium, 12 private offices, and an additional 6 meeting rooms? Also the $3 million private funds they raise won’t go to reduce taxpayer debt on this.

The Community Survey the town council put out said that residents were happy with the library just the way it was. I do not see the need to make this as huge as they are asking for! Especially when not many people even go to the library anymore! I’m VOTING NO!

Roman Józefiak

Re-elect Stacy Brenner to Maine Senate

To the editor,

We have resided in Scarborough for nearly 30 years and support Senator Stacy Brenner for re-election to Senate District 30. We met Stacy and her husband, John, when they moved to Scarborough and began running Broadturn Farm 16 years ago. They have been great stewards of the environment and our community, transforming a vacant farm to a vibrant small business employing more than 30.


In Augusta, Stacy has worked tirelessly to make health care affordable. A nurse, Stacy has applied her years of experience and expertise to propose available, affordable health care. She is a strong defender of women’s reproductive rights and a leader in protecting our environment – working to ensure the passage of laws to clean up harmful emissions that impact our waters and land.

We need someone in Augusta who will be a voice for our community. Please join us in voting for Stacy Brenner for Maine Senate District 30.

Heather and Neil Jamieson

Re-elect Anney Carney

To the editor:

Anne Carney, candidate for re-election to the Maine Senate in South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough, has represented her district with real distinction. As Senate chair of the Judiciary Committee she has focused on the need to increase funding for civil legal services and restructuring Maine’s system for providing criminal defense for those unable to afford it. She has introduced new and better environmental laws. She favors stronger human rights laws including protections against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. She supported the expansion of Maine’s CHIP program providing health insurance to children that is not dependent on their parents’ jobs. She supports Maine’s new program offering two years of free community college.
Anne Carney deserves re-election in order to continue her service to this state, and to the residents of the communities she so ably represents.

David Platt and Janice Drinan