ARUNDEL – Voters here were in a positive mood Tuesday – passing all 13 local referendum questions.

The questions ranged from changing board of selectmen to select board, and several charter amendments. One charter change adds school board directors to the list of elected town officials who may be recalled and provides an outline of the process for initiating recall of any elected Arundel official.

Another amendment calls for a change in the composition of several boards and committees – the budget board for example, currently consists of seven to nine members, six of whom are elected. The amendment approved by voters calls for seven members – three elected and the remainder appointed. A further change addresses the timeline for initial budget board meetings each fiscal year and the procedure for replacing appointed members, if needed.

The questions were first asked at the June primary election – and all were approved, but not enough voters turned out in the mid-year vote (622 were required and only 414 voted) -so the questions were presented again Nov. 8. Town Manager Keith Trefethen said 2,310 voters cast ballots on Election Day and so the changes will go into effect.

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