Candidate thankful for election support

To the editor,

As a nation, we have moved from the political season to the Thanksgiving season. For most, the political season ended on Nov. 8. But for those who ran the race and lost, it continues. There are signs to pick up, repair, and store, and reports to file with the state of Maine. Evaluations of the race and planning for the next political season are in the works, along with planning for an evening of appreciation with my supporters. If you would like to be counted in that number, please call me at 207-286-7378.

I am also moving into the Thanksgiving season.

First, I am thankful to my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. His birthday we will soon remember on Christmas. I am thankful to him for his sacrifice that gives me eternal life which I received a long time ago. Second, I am thankful for my wife who endured a great deal as we walked this road together. Third, I am thankful to all of you who went the extra mile and worked on the campaign. Fourth, I am thankful for the signatures of nomination, financial support, signs on your lawn, rear window signs on your car, and communication with your friends to vote for David Corbett. Fifth, I am thankful for those who voted for me to be your senator for District 32. Three of the five towns in the district voted for me. I am sorry that I failed you because we share a different vision than those in power. Now their vision will prevail at least for the next two years.

It is our responsibility as citizens of this great land to unite in patriotism and do our part to make our land strong. That includes holding our elected officials accountable to “we the people” because we are their boss. Remember, we are not a democracy; we are a republic. Our elected officials are not in office to do what they want, rather what we want. So, it is our responsibility to ensure we are telling them how to vote and hold them accountable. We need to reduce the entertainment in our lives and increase our awareness of how our elected representatives are voting in the state house, as well as Washington.


Do not depend on the liberal news for your knowledge for they have their own agenda. Please do your own research. For example, the media is creating a great fear in our land over climate change. Please show me the evidence. As former police detective, I want to know the truth. One piece of evidence they point to is the warming of the sea. Since 1880, the temperature of the sea has risen 1.5 percent Fahrenheit. This is over 142 years. That increase amounts to .13 to .14 percent every 10 years. We are told it is because of CO2 from the internal combustion engines. Please show me the evidence. Yet, as the elites destroy our economy, is anyone informing us about the volcanic activity that has increased under our oceans?

I have a friend, a scientist, that has studied climate change for 32 years and has told me he does not find it. As my illustration confirms, please do not depend on the media for your source of information. Please do your own research and let us hold our representatives in Augusta and Washington accountable. And how do we hold them accountable? Vote. Another election is just around the corner.

Thank you for your support in my bid to become your Maine State Senator for District 32. May God bless America, the state of Maine, and your family. Our hope and trust is not in any political party but in God. Please read the Holy Bible, pray, and attend a Bible-believing church and draw close to God.

The Rev. David Corbett, pastor

Oak Ridge Bible Church


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