MEXICO — Police searched the bank of the Androscoggin River off Route 2 in Mexico this week as part of their ongoing investigation into the 1986 disappearance of Kimberly Moreau.

Maine State Police detectives, acting on a tip, searched an area behind Jimmies, a popular ice cream stand just off Route 2. Bystanders said it appeared police focused on a pair of rusted-out Volkswagen Beetles that have been in that location for years. That spot, locals said, has been a dumping ground for decades.

Kimberly Moreau Submitted photo

On May 10, 1986, Moreau told family members she was going for a ride and that she would be back in an hour. She left her purse and car behind but did not say if she would be with others. The 17-year-old never returned.

The disappearance of Moreau has never entirely faded from the community’s collective imagination. Tips have regularly come into police over the decades but so far, none have led them to her. Kimberly’s father, Richard Moreau, in particular, has been relentless in his pursuit of answers.

Financial rewards have been offered for information about Moreau’s whereabouts. Last year, as a tip led police to the Canton area, Kimberly’s father put up a $5,000 reward, an amount that was quickly doubled by a family friend.

Police did not specify what new information led them to Mexico this week.

“Detectives with Major Crime South are doing some follow up work on the case in Mexico,” according to Maine State Police spokeswoman Shannon Moss. “It remains an active investigation…they have never stopped working on finding Kimberly Moreau hoping to bring her father some much needed closure.”

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