The issue of 207 area code availability has come up, with the Maine Public Utilities Commission investigating T-Mobile for their number forecasting practices.

I’m not sure what the results have been, but I have to say that I am extremely tired of getting what seems like endless calls from numbers with the 207 area code and a 600 exchange. I block one of these numbers and two hours later, I get another call from a 600 exchange.

My cellphone indicates a likely scam, I ignore it, block it and then I get another call a few hours later. No message is left, so the caller apparently doesn’t have anything important to say. I will never answer a call from one of these numbers, as I‘m pretty sure the caller has nothing positive to offer.

Perhaps the PUC, or whoever looks into these scam calls, may want to look into these 600 numbers. It might free up some of those 207 numbers that indicate a call is coming from Maine.

John Hackett

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