Kudos to power district team

To the editor,

Recently we found ourselves without electricity during the heavy wet snowstorm. Certainly there must be someone at fault as my power was not restored instantly. Yes, that’s it, Kennebunk Light and Power is to blame. After all, I must have my working coffeemaker and giant TV; blinding snowstorms and snapping trees notwithstanding.

Please note the sarcasm, as this really is a letter of gratitude. Our wonderful, local power company did such an incredible job!

The Kennebunk Light and Power District crew worked and repaired. And worked and repaired. And then worked and repaired some more. And when they were completely exhausted, they had a courageous leader in General Manager, Todd Shea, who insisted they go home for a few hours rest. And then they started working all over again. Power was restored as quickly as humanly possible under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

And what’s more, the level of communication from Todd Shea (and the entire KLPD team – but leadership comes from the top) was amazing. Todd was quick to shoulder responsibility, while deflecting praise on to others. The frequent and timely emails not only contained factual information of what areas were impacted, but had such a beautiful human element as well. Todd showed true empathy and concern for customers along with genuine care for KLPD employees. We should all be very grateful – I
know I am!


Maine power companies are so much in the news these days; and not for good reasons. Lawsuits over power corridors. Ugly debates over possible government buyouts. Terrible customer service. A lack of accountability. 50 percent or even 100 percent rate increases! And the list goes on and on.

And then there is Kennebunk Light and Power: The little power company that could! But at what price does all this amazing service come? Well, while others are raising electricity rates by staggering amounts; KLPD’s rate just went … wait for it … down.

That’s right, down.

I have never been so grateful to live within the “KLPD section” of Kennebunk! Bravo and thanks to Todd
Shea and everyone at Kennebunk Light and Power District.

Matt Fadiman

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