Big changes for South Portland?

To the editor,

I went on a site walk to see the plans for the Yard South area near Bug Light Park and next to the boat ramp in South Portland. The developers are advocating for three or four 18-story residential buildings with 1,200 units and commercial businesses. These high-rises would look down upon 13 oil storage tanks that have caused the surrounding air to test high for benzene, a known carcinogen.

When I asked about the potential for horrendous traffic on Broadway, the answer was that there would be limited parking on site and that there would be a comprehensive bus system to carry residents from their homes to where? Not every one is going to Mill Creek or downtown Portland.

We would need an extensive bus system to take people to all the outlying areas for the services they seek. Will our taxes be paying for this? Are people going to take a bus during the winter when it is cold and slippery? I doubt it. They are going to drive down Broadway and when Broadway becomes intolerable, they, and possibly trucks, will be cutting through our now quiet side streets to beat the back-up.

So what will be the answer to this congestion? Widen Broadway? And rezoning has now allowed 18 stories so let’s add some high-rise buildings, etc. Is this the future we want for our peaceful, neighborly city? If this scenario worries you, contact your city council members or speak at a council meeting.

Abby Huntoon

South Portland

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