During House hearings, it came to light that almost $200 billion of taxpayer money was taken fraudulently, and that’s just from unemployment benefits (initiated under Donald Trump, continued under Joe Biden) for those who lost their jobs during COVID shutdowns. That’s $200 billion that was sent out to American citizens wasted, stolen! Too much money handed out too quickly, without any controls.

The Biden administration was made aware of the potential for fraud. It was forewarned that rampant abuse could occur. The warnings were not heeded. Who should be held accountable? Washington was spending our hard-earned money – not theirs. Multimillionaires don’t concern themselves with such losses. Their lavish lifestyles will continue.

Let’s be clear, no amount of money will ever be enough to sate Washington’s appetite to spend. They’ll take every dollar we let them take.

Truthfully, as a citizen of the United States, I have no problem paying a fair share of taxes that support a strong military, taxes that support the country’s infrastructure, and taxes that support those among us who are truly incapable of providing for their own needs. As American citizens, and as a God-fearing people, we are obligated to fill these responsibilities. We are not obligated, however, to care for able-bodied citizens who refuse to work, whose American dream is to live off the backs of others.

Pamela Brant

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