It was troubling to read about the situation in SAD 75. I feel it personally because my grandchildren were (and one still is) educated in Topsham schools. I know what an excellent and caring group of teachers is working to accomplish with their students. On another level I remember that, as a low-income single mother, I was able to raise my children to be responsible adults because we had the advantage of a good public school system.

But now, thinking as a voter, I feel I have an obligation to our children and our schools. There are some people who have allied themselves with an ideology that seeks to disrupt and destroy confidence in our public institutions. Part of their efforts involve seeking election to local school boards and governing bodies and imposing that minority ideology on the majority. It’s a wake-up call for a complacent electorate – as a voter I want to support candidates who are truly public servants and wish to work together to improve their community. And that’s hard work.

Kathryn Geier