Beach parking permits for Kennebunk could remain the same for the upcoming season. Tammy Wells photo

KENNEBUNK – Beach parking fees for the coming season might remain the same as in 2021 and 2022, but the public will have a chance to weigh on the topic at a select board public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on March 14. There will be a public hearing the same evening on a proposal to add care of a family member to the reasons whereby a select board member may attend a meeting remotely, via an online platform.

Beach fees are $5 for a resident/taxpayer at $5 each, with a limit of three; resident/ taxpayer guest permits are $25 each, for a limit of 4; nonresidents pay $25 for a one-day permit; $100 for a one-week permit; $200 for a full season permit.

Staff has recommended the fees remain at the 2021-22 levels. Board members did not comment, but voted to send the matter to the required public hearing.

As to the remote meeting policy, currently board members may attend remotely in the event of illness, other physical condition or temporary absence from the town of Kennebunk that causes the member to face significant difficulties traveling to and attending the meeting in person, or to provide reasonable accommodation to a member with a disability.”

Board member Lisa Pratt asked to have childcare added to the list, a request modified to include “to provide care for a family member.”

“I always want to be here in person, but a limiting factor may be childcare,” said Pratt. She said the proposal to add care for family members would be more encompassing – like caring for an elderly parent, sibling. “I think it would be good for all of us.”

Board member Bill Ward said he was fine with the proposal if it did not conflict with state law; a review by town attorney Natalie Burns shows that it does not conflict, said chair Shiloh Schulte

Schulte said remote attendance is legally the same as being physically present. He said there is an additional cost because of meeting management and later noted the town currently does not currently have the technology to make the process easier to operate. He said he fully supports the proposal. Schulte said any committee could adopt the policy but some sort of accommodation might have to be made.

A public hearing on that proposal is set for March 14.

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