On March 1, the Scarborough Town Council formally accepted the final Parks and Facilities Master Plan. The plan was developed by consultants from BerryDunn and Scarborough Community Services, the town department which oversees all Town-operated parks, facilities, and community programs. The plan and project process are intended to support the Town in identifying fiscally and environmentally sustainable methods to manage growth and development. It will serve as a blueprint for the Town in planning and maintaining its parks, trails, beaches, open spaces and recreation programs and services (and other community programs and services).

The Parks and Facilities Master Plan was first presented in the FY2022 proposed budget. Community Services identified that completing this master plan “would allow for meaningful park and recreation facility improvements that yield higher levels of performance and increased enjoyment for all user groups.” They identified a few project goals, including a full inventory and analysis of existing park assets, public outreach and needs assessment, a plan for upgrading facilities in the future, and to outline a potential implementation process with funding strategies. The master plan is intended to provide a framework for responding to the evolving needs of the Town’s growing community.

The plan took shape from March 2022 to December 2022. It was largely guided by the Community Services department with input from the Community Services Advisory Board and Town Council. This process included community engagement (focus groups and a mailed survey), leadership interviews, a needs assessment survey, inventory and Level of Service (LOS) analysis, operational and maintenance analysis, and financial analysis. From there the consulting team made recommendations divided into themes with goals, objectives, and an action plan for implementation. They identified six major goals:

1. Continue to improve organizational efficiencies

2. Continue to improve programs and service delivery

3. Improve and expand facilities, parks, and amenities


4. Address ADA concerns

5. Increase financial opportunities

6. Improve maintenance and operations

The first draft of these findings was released for review in January, followed by a public workshop one month later. Ultimately, Council reviewed the completed Parks and Facilities Master Plan and accepted it on March 1.

This document will be used as a tool for planning and development purposes, both operationally and administratively. Once priorities have been identified and approved, Town staff and the Community Services Advisory Board will be working to develop an implementation process. They will make a recommendation to the Town Council that aids in meeting the recreational needs of residents over the next five years as well as creating long term plans to meet future expectations and needs.

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