Area of the project. Courtesy of South Portland

A project on Cottage Road beginning at the intersection of Highland Avenue and continuing east .98 miles is underway. The project, officially titled “Pedestrian and Safety Improvements and Mill and Overlay,” includes construction and improvements.

The project features work on the mill and overlay of Cottage Road, construction of new concrete sidewalk with curb, drainage improvements, installation of two rectangular rapid flashing beacons, and other incidental work.

“The Cottage Road project was precipitated by an interest in adopting a new mixed-use zoning designation for a portion of the Cottage Road corridor in Meetinghouse Hill,” said Civil and Transportation Engineer Lacey Kremer. “There were concerns that the already difficult and unsafe traffic and pedestrian conditions on Cottage Road would be exacerbated by new commercial and residential development, so city council asked the Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee to evaluate the conditions and make recommendations. The Bike-Ped Committee recommended adding medians and bump outs, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, ornamental lighting, mill and fill of the roadway, and storm water management facilities.

“Those recommendations resulted in the Cottage Road project that is being constructed today as well as the portions of the project that have already been completed by city employees, which are pedestrian improvements from Highland to Sawyer and at Elsmere and Cottage.”

There will be single-lane closures during paving, utility work, and sidewalk work. Traffic delays are to be expected. The city said it will maintain two-way traffic to the greatest extent possible, but also recommends utilizing alternative routes.

Weekly updates of the work, as well as the anticipated impact on traffic, is being posted to the project’s website at

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