Waypoint Brokers Collective is a broker-owned real estate agency based in Portland, Maine. We are two years new as an agency, though our team members are not new as professionals in this space. Between us we’ve been affiliated at many of the top agencies in Maine and beyond and trained by some of the most notable names in the business. Along the way, we saw what worked, and what didn’t. As a group we share an entrepreneurial spirit burning to innovate a better brokerage model.

Just one year into business, we became a top 10 agency in Portland. With a solid foundation, we wanted to build the next story. In looking at our collective’s organic activities with nonprofits, civic engagement, and other volunteer work, we saw a core value emerge: sustainability in the built environment. Sustainable buildings protect the health of our communities, promote the financial wellbeing of our past, present, and future clients, and ensure the resiliency of our beautiful Maine.

The Waypoint team in a training session with Green Designation instructor Craig Foley.

At Waypoint, we are dedicated to stewarding sustainability in our industry. This is a core value and a core duty for us as professional real estate brokers. We strive for expertise in home performance and health, and we understand the impact of our homes on the environment, on our families, on our economy. We advise our clients and developers how to achieve and fund sustainability through renovating and developing, and how to yield a return on investment during purchase and sales. Waypoint further seeks to be a bridge to those who are new to this space, amplifying the conversation, reaching new audiences, and inspiring our colleagues in real estate to join us in the endeavor.

We aspire to be advocates that bring together sustainability and affordable housing to promote equity in this movement and we’re on our way. Waypoint is now the first and only brokerage in the state of Maine to be fully Green Designated via the National Association of Realtors. We’re also the first agency to write a requirement into our Policies & Procedures that all partners and affiliates of our collective must achieve and maintain a Green Designation upon joining Waypoint.

We give thanks to the leadership of NAR and our Green instructor Craig Foley of LAER Realty Partners in Massachusetts, who helped us bring this program to Maine. We further give thanks to our local community partners, Evergreen Home Performance and Pine Tree Solar, for supporting us on this journey. We look forward to working with Evergreen and Pine Tree for many projects to come.

The Green Designation is step one for us. We have the upcoming year planned out with continuing education, client service development, and relationship building with key partners in this work. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement. We invite you to join or follow us as we work in creative ways to build a more sustainable Maine and truly live in our values.

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