In a May 1 forum, “Patriotism not limited to one party, so stop throwing stones,” John Facella accuses Susan Chichetto, (April 24 forum, “Patriotism is not loyalty to one person“) of projection: accusing others of one’s own flaws.

But while saying “stop throwing stones,” Facella does precisely that – projects with carefully-edited “movement conservative” sound bites about the Biden administration, ranging from debatable to misleading to, well, the term Bill Barr used to describe Trump’s election lies when Barr finally testified under oath.

Why such venom? I read Chichetto’s piece and found that besides some basic history about the founding of our democratic republic and the importance of the Constitution and rule of law, it was a reminder that sometimes, those who “would be king” are simply not worthy.

I’m sad that so much oxygen was taken up by Facella’s rant and suggest that, rather than hurrying out to read the thoughts of Clarence Thomas, readers might drill down on Facella’s talking points instead of just swallowing them.

Saying that you haven’t checked a box for party affiliation doesn’t mean you haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid, and the progress this nation has made rebuilding our economy, infrastructure and world standing since President Biden and Vice President Harris took office is too good to ignore.

Plus, it’s hard for most of us to ignore 1,000-plus arrests, nearly 500 guilty pleas, and most critically, 10 convictions for seditious conspiracy which have come out of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Pauline Hunneman

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