As authorities, friends and family continue to search for Alex Jackson, 33, of Windham, who was last seen on May 12, his mother said Sunday his disappearance doesn’t make any sense.

It’s like he’s “been plucked” from thin air, said Patricia Jackson.

Alex Jackson, 33. of Windham, has been not seen since May 12. Authorities, friends and family continue to search for him.

Police and the Maine Warden Service are continuing to search for Alex Jackson, who was last seen in the vicinity of Turner, according to Windham police and the Maine Warden Service. Windham police Sgt. Robert Hunt said on May 15 that authorities were not “pushing the panic button just yet,” but nearly a week later, Jackson still has not been found.

Alex Jackson is part of the farming community, his mother said. With his truck and flatbed trailer, he hauls tractors and cows for farmers, driving a lot of back roads. In addition to authorities, “everybody’s out there, everybody’s calling” about her son. “They’re good people.”

Jackson has lived with his mother for several years, but he purchased property and has plans to build his own home, Patricia Jackson said.

The rule of the house is you must check in, something Alex has always done, she said.


“He always calls. He never, ever goes off for days and doesn’t check in,” Patricia Jackson said. “He doesn’t smoke pot. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t do any of that stuff. He doesn’t hang out with shady people. It’s just like he’s been plucked out of wherever. The whole thing is insane.”

Jackson also normally calls his girlfriend several times a day, his mother said.

Jackson’s dog, Hazel, was with him on May 12 and turned up three days later, but there was no sign of Jackson.

The dog was found by a woman in North Yarmouth who met with Patricia Jackson and her family. Police immediately searched the area, looking for signs of Jackson’s truck and flatbed, but nothing was found, Patricia Jackson said.

“God knows, but I think what may have happened is he went down an embankment,” the mother said. The back roads are often winding and narrow, she said. If her son went down an embankment, she could visualize Hazel jumping out of a window, wandering around before the dog was found.

Alex Jackson’s dog, who was with Jackson the last time Jackson was seen on May 12, turned up on May 15, fueling worries of the man’s welfare. Submitted by Kayla Jackson

If that did happen and he’s hurt in an accident, she’s grateful that at least it’s May, not winter.

Her son often travels on back roads in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont hauling for farmers. Patricia Jackson said she’s called hospitals in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in case her son was injured or unconscious. Those calls to hospitals have not yielded any clues, she said.

Police believe Jackson was last wearing blue jeans, a hunter shirt and a baseball hat. He is 5-foot-7, weighs 150 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

He was traveling in a white Dodge Ram 3500 with the license plate number 97096 and towing a flatbed trailer. Jackson drives a distinctive white dual-axle truck with a black bed. Police ask that anyone with any information about Jackson or his truck call 207-893-2810.

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