Taking the prize for willfully misleading statements has got to be Alan Levi in his June 8 guest column, in support of Question A on Tuesday’s ballot. In speaking of Portland’s rent control, he wrote: “… It treats a landlord with one unit the exact same as a corporate landlord with 500 units.” Wrong!

Supporters of Question A have attempted to make a big deal of rent control hurting small mom-and-pop rental property owners. That’s not so. I’m joining my tenants and voting “no” on Question A, as are most of my mom-and-pop property-owning friends. Please join us in voting “no” on Question A on Tuesday.

Sadhbh Neilan

Correction (June 10, 2023): A previous version of this letter misstated the scope of Portland’s rent control rules. Landlords are exempt from rent control regulations if they own fewer than five units in an owner-occupied building.

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