Michael Wilbur, Yarmouth


Incumbent Michael Wilbur and newcomer Christina Patrick were the top vote-getters Tuesday in a four-way race for two seats on the Yarmouth School Committee.

Wilbur received 778 votes and Patrick received 698 in the June 13 election. Opponents Taryn Southard and Sarah Norsworthy received 223 and 286, respectively.

His reelection is a vote of confidence for the school board, Wilbur said.

“I was relieved and gratified that people still wanted me around, and I think it’s an affirmation of the work the school committee has been doing,” he said.

“I think we have a lot of continuing work to do on all aspects of equity, inclusion and diversity on a broader schoolwide basis,” he said. While Yarmouth does well in those areas, he noted, it can do better in terms of “kindness and respect for others.”

Wilbur is a second grade teacher.



Patrick, who has professional experience with education-based nonprofits, said she was excited by her win and “I continue to be really excited.”

“I really see Yarmouth schools as excellent and I’m excited to volunteer my time to ensure they remain excellent,” she said.

“I think we have a really great mix of strong academic achievement and outcome, and a focus on the whole child and social and emotional learning,” she said. The schools also prioritize “creating a strong community.”

The pandemic added new challenges, however, she said.

“I think a lot about our students in Yarmouth and students in the world that have heightened social and academic needs coming out of the pandemic,” Patrick said. “It’s top of mind as a school committee member to ensure we have the budget and policy to support our students and teachers.”

She also wants the school committee to work to “ensure that policy supports teacher retention and development.”

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