I am appalled, though not surprised, to learn from Press Herald reporting (June 18) that the $18.4 million Central Maine Power and Versant Power have spent opposing the public power initiative has come solely from their parent companies with zilch from individual Mainers. The paltry, by comparison, $655,740 Pine Tree Power has spent has come mostly from individual donors ($431,035), with some from businesses ($156,360) and a smaller amount listed as coming from other sources ($68,345).

This corporate funding, coming to support CMP’s and Versant’s efforts to continue giving Mainers poor service and increasingly higher rates, is from foreign sources whose only goal is to maximize their profits instead of investing them in Maine’s economy.

I fully support a “yes” vote in November to create a new power company for providing electricity transmission and distribution facilities from a local entity with an elected board instead of lining the pockets of foreign investors with no local representation.

Gilbert Harris
former co-chair, Maine Green Independent Party; Limerick selectperson

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