I just read the very nice article written by Abdi Nor Iftin concerning the need for more sidewalks (“To enjoy local beauty without cars, we need more sidewalks,” July 19). I totally agree with what was written, and even though that might be a gigantic cost for the towns, perhaps widening the roads and adding a designated walking/biking lane might be a way to start.

But along with that, in the areas in Yarmouth that have either sidewalks or breakdown lanes, the brush and overgrowth has to be maintained.

I am in a neighborhood in Yarmouth that has great access to sidewalks, but I find it difficult to navigate some of them because of homeowners’  bushes, plants and general overgrowth impinging on part of the sidewalk so there is room for only one person. If you pass someone in these areas, someone has to step into the street or into tall grass, or stop until there is room. Perhaps, the residents that have a sidewalk in front of their home could take the time to cut back their overgrowth, both covering the sidewalk and tree branches hanging low. This easy remedy would help and keep safe all of us that use the sidewalks, from children on bikes to those walking their dogs.

Stephanie Wilson