If Pine Tree Power – Question 3 on the ballot – were to pass this November, our complex electric system would be placed in the hands of unqualified politicians. And we would be paying billions of dollars to make this happen. That’s why I oppose Question 3.

As we all know, elections are popularity contests, not a measurement of policy or operational skills. And special interest groups will work hard to underwrite their hand-picked candidates. So, it stands to reason the board of Pine Tree Power will be filled with politicians long on ideology, but short on qualifications.

Look at our roads. Politicians are responsible for funding them, yet they are in rough shape. We can’t afford to run our electric system the same way.

At this point, the campaign in support of Pine Tree Power has been negative and misleading, which should make us all wary. That’s why I encourage a “no” vote on Question 3.

Brent Hoots

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