ROCKLAND — A former Dragon Products cement plant executive died Sunday afternoon after suffering a medical event while swimming off the Rockland Breakwater, Rockland police said Monday.

Martin Turecky Photo from LinkedIn

Martin Turecky, 57, of Florida, an experienced swimmer in good physical condition, died during a training session, according to a friend, Douglas Roth, who organized the swimming practice and was swimming with the group.

Turecky was one of four who were swimming from the beach to the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater and back, a bit less than 2 miles in all, Roth said.

The four were all experienced swimmers, some of them training for triathlons. The training sessions were held once a week during July, August and September, Roth said.

A safety observer equipped with a radio and air horn walked on the breakwater alongside the swimmers to alert them of boats in the area.

Turecky was swimming 6 to 9 feet from the breakwater and had just told Roth how good he felt when he stopped swimming and went face down in the water.


The observer pulled him onto the breakwater and radioed the Coast Guard, which arrived quickly, Roth said. An emergency medical technician and a fire chief from another community were also on the breakwater, but they were unable to revive Turecky, Roth said.

Roth said he had organized an annual race along the breakwater 20 years ago but ended it after about a decade when it became difficult to get insurance coverage for the event. But swimmers continue to train there, he said.

Turecky was a former manager of the Dragon Products cement plant in Thomaston but moved to Florida to run a larger cement plant about a year-and-a-half ago, Roth said. But Turecky missed the Midcoast, had recently purchased land in Warren, and planned to return to Maine, Roth said.

Turecky, who was born in the Czech Republic, has an adult son who lives in the area. A daughter lives in Colorado, and his parents still live in the Czech Republic.

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