I don’t know if “dereliction of duty” can be used as a basis for impeachment. If it could, impeaching President Biden should be a slam dunk on two fronts: for failing to secure our national borders and for the deadly, disgraceful, disgustingly clueless and careless way Biden oversaw our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

After watching witness testimonies during several House hearings this summer (archived on C-SPAN), I’m convinced that making political points was more important for Biden, in both these areas, than any real concern for what was happening on the ground; best symbolized, perhaps, by the way Biden reportedly kept checking his watch during the ceremony when the dead soldiers arrived stateside.

Is it any wonder, according to one poll, that 70% of American voters (including this registered Democrat) don’t want Biden to run again? With so little enthusiasm for both Biden and Donald Trump, they should both show they care more about their country than they do about themselves, and withdraw from the 2024 presidential race.

Melodie Greene

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