Sooner or later, any growing startup must reckon with needs (funding, space, skills, etc.) that go beyond its initial capacity. How do they approach that decision and what does it look like? Does it take the form of new hires? New investors? New leadership? New products?

Business Editor and moderator Carol Coultas and a panel of experts examined growth and how to manage it on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at UNE’s Innovation Hall.

On the panel:

Dave Tucci, COO, Aroma Joe’s

From a small coffee shop started by four cousins, to a sprawling enterprise of 108 locations, Aroma Joe’s has growth embedded in its DNA.




Matt Chin, president of Harvesting Good, a subsidiary of Good Shepherd Food Bank

The only mid-size frozen food processor and packager in New England, mission-driven Harvesting Good went from producing 200,000 pounds of food last year to 1 million this year.



Steve Musica, president of Lean East consultancy, entrepreneur, Top Gun mentor and judge, sees clients struggling with too much growth. He’s got a plan.





Carol Coultas, Business Editor, moderator.
















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