Kennebunk Free Library has purchased of 1 Fletcher St., the building adjacent to our current location in our parking lot. This wasn’t something we were anticipating, at least not this soon, and will soon provide our community with an incredible expansion opportunity!

In 1986, KFL became the owner of 1 Fletcher St. by way of a generous arrangement with Robert E. Marier Jr., and Patricia W. Marier, subject to a 75-year leasehold agreement. Meaning, KFL was set to become the owner, with rights of use and possession to the property, in 2061. Recently, the owners of the 75-year leasehold agreement decided they wanted to sell the remaining time. They gave KFL a first and exclusive opportunity to acquire it. Not only that, but the owners, Betty Smith, Carol Newell, and the late Phil Newell, contributed a substantial amount of the cost via an in-kind donation offsetting nearly 40% of the price.

Additionally, the library board are extremely grateful for all donors as this wouldn’t have happened without them. Legacy giving in the form of major donations (past and present), along with gifts in wills, were an important part of the equation.

So, what’s next? Our 2018 community survey, with over 500 replies, clearly highlighted the library’s need for additional space. And that need has only grown over the last five years. The community wants larger rooms for programs and meeting space, youth and teen activity areas, quiet study spots for learners and remote workers, efficient storage for the expanding Library of Things, and so much more.

One Fletcher St. is an incredible expansion opportunity and requires thoughtful planning, collaboration, and fundraising. There is some time
as 1 Fletcher is rented to tenants, at least through May of 2024. Fortunately, KFL is just beginning the process of creating its next strategic plan, so this acquisition comes at the perfect time. Get connected with this exciting project by subscribing to KFL’s monthly newsletter at

Kennebunk Free Library is located at 112 Main S. in Kennebunk. For more information, call 207-985-2173.

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