Support school bond in November

To the editor,

Over three years ago, I joined the School Building Committee because I recognized the immediate need for structured long-term planning to support Scarborough teachers and students. Our goal was to reassess the previous work that had been completed and determine the optimal school solution. We quickly determined it was prohibitively expensive and physically not feasible to renovate and expand the existing three schools and build a fourth school. The optimal choice for safety, security, transportation, educational services, and cost, was to build a new K-3 school which also eliminates overcrowding at the middle school.

I along with many other volunteers, experts, and professionals, have devoted hundreds of hours analyzing capacity plans for schools, researching available land locations in Scarborough, and talking with community members and educators to ensure we crafted the best possible solution.

If we fail to act on this proposed solution, we will move forward with additional temporary facilities, which will drive additional capital, additional operating expenses, and further delay a permanent solution. This results in 5-8% added project costs for each year of delay that is an increased cost of 8-13MM next year and compounding each year after that.

I appeal to you to take time to review available information and make an informed decision. On behalf of myself and the building committee, we welcome the opportunity to share details with you and answer your questions. We are here to support our students, teachers and community keeping Scarborough a great community now and for future generations.

Dana Fortier
Chair – School Building Committee

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